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Financial Planning Tip for May

Want to deposit money into your account with Midway Capital? The NetXInvestor app makes check deposits a snap. If you haven’t downloaded the NetXInvestor app to your phone or tablet, give it a try. It’s an easy way to see your accounts at a glance and it offers check deposits by simply taking a picture of your check and submitting it.

You may already be using this technology with your other bank accounts. Banks themselves do this now. They used to send paper checks to each other but now they simply send images of the checks. So even if you use a stamp and send a physical check to your bank, they’ll just photograph it anyway. There is a maximum limit on check deposits of $100,000 with NetXInvestor mobile deposit (though no minimum) so some checks will still need to be mailed. But particularly for IRA contributions, which are often done at the last minute, this app is the ideal solution.

We’ve tried it ourselves (Rachel deposited her tax refund check a week ago) and found it easy to navigate. You use the same login credentials as you do on your computer. If you need assistance working with NetXInvestor, or dealing with deposits, we are happy to help you at any time.


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