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Our Client Services

Investment Management


We partner with clients to build custom portfolios of investments based on their specific financial situation. We hand-pick each individual investment after a rigorous research and evaluation process. All our research is original and is based on a thorough analysis of the fundamental characteristics of every individual security we own. We are able to offer a comprehensive variety of account types - from plain vanilla savings vehicles to 401(k)s to custodial accounts. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we are able to serve a broad range of individuals and institutions, including investors overseas. Many of our customers have multiple accounts or relationships with Midway Capital.

Financial Planning


Our comprehensive financial plan looks at all aspects of your financial picture including any retirement plans offered through your employer, other investment accounts you may hold, company stock and privately held businesses, and real estate assets. We believe that it’s best to divide a long-term goal like saving for retirement or making money last through retirement into a series of smaller, more detailed windows. Accordingly, our plans focus on the next five years with the intention of making a difficult goal progressively more attainable. We offer recommendations on investing and asset allocation, tax efficiency, legacy and estate planning, insurance, and all other aspects of personal finance. All services are performed by a partner of the firm.

Our commitment to service is second to none. Because the firm is 100% employee owned, you will interact primarily with the firm's owners. Our only formula for success it to exceed our clients' expectations.

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