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Financial Planning Tip April

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Demystified: Making College Affordable

If you know a high school student, you probably know that the process of finding the right college can be both exciting and terrifying. While we can’t help your child on math homework, we can help your family afford college. We have invested in new college planning software that allows us to pinpoint which colleges and universities are likely to give the most aid for your individual financial situation so that you can tailor your applications. We can help you on the FAFSA, find colleges with generous merit aid, compare offers, and even help negotiate for more money at your top choices.

The ideal time to start on this journey is in sophomore or junior year of high school, but it’s particularly critical for seniors. If you have a college-bound student in your life and would like our guidance on the college process, please let us know. We can’t take away all the anxiety, but we can take the mystery out of the financial side.


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