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Financial Planning Tip October

The Life-Changing Magic of Financial Organization.

If Marie Kondo were a financial advisor, she might offer these tips for keeping your financial life tidy. For the next three months we will help you “KonMari” your finances.

Part One: Tasks to do faithfully each month:

  1. Study your credit card statements when they arrive. Don't give them a cursory glance, look at each charge and recall why you spent that money. This will force you to look more carefully for incorrect charges, but also to consider your spending habits. Then file or shred your statement.

  2. Balance your check book when your bank statement arrives.

  3. Make a list of bills you pay each month. Check that you’ve paid them.

  4. If you follow a budget, update your budget and plan for next month.

Doing these things faithfully each month will help avoid mistakes and hassles later on and eliminate those piles of paper. This small investment of time yields big dividends!


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