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Financial Planning Tip September

The world's savviest scam artists have been hard at work finding new ways to steal your money. Our past tips have focused on methods that are old hat now: Enable two-step verification, don't click links in suspicious e-mails, and ignore e-mails with misspellings and poor grammar. While these tips still apply, scammers have found workarounds, so please take an extra bit of caution:

• A popular method to defeat two-factor verification is to call the victim asking to confirm receipt of the pass code. Never give the pass code from a text message over the phone. If you receive an unexpected text message relating to two-factor verification, your password has likely been hacked, and you should change it immediately.

• If you receive a phone call from your bank, credit card company, or broker, it's never a bad idea to hang up and call the company yourself. Ironically, scammers often gather private information by claiming to represent your bank's fraud department.

• When speaking with Midway Capital, you will only talk with Todd or Rachel. Neither of us has a hint of a foreign accent. In extremely rare cases, you may receive a phone call from Shareholder Service Group asking you to confirm instructions they've received. You're welcome to call them directly at 800-380-7370 if the confirmation request comes as a surprise. Midway can be reached 24x7 at 312-445-8562 if you would like our assistance.


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